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Toby Creek's deluxe quality Elk hunts are done on horseback from September to early October starting in the bugle season. Our area in the Columbia Valley of South East British Columbia has a good success rate in scoring quality heavy main-beamed trophy Bulls.

We also offer exclusively bow hunting trips prior to the rifle hunt.

Our Elk hunts can include Mule Deer and Black Bear in an exciting 10 day trip.  Archery Hunts are also available for Elk starting in late August.

Regular Hunting packages are based on 5, 6, 7 or 10-day hunts, depending upon the species.

Our hunting seasons run from Early Spring for Bears, Autumn through Winter for Elk, Moose, Deer and Goats, and to late January for Cougars and predatory hunts.

Please check the hunting season schedule for hunting trip dates.

Rates, Fees and More Information

Toby Creek Outfitters offer competitively priced hunting packages. With a weaker Canadian dollar, and relatively low pressure from hunters, this is a Hunting Trip to experience. Current hunts, future hunting dates, and any last minute packages available due to cancelations.


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